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Welcome to PLR, your specialist in the reconditioning of motor vehicle engines and their component parts.


We offer the diversity to work on any engine, particularly petrol & light diesel. We remain very competitive in the market place - while ensuring our standard of workmanship remains at the highest level.


Our workshop prides itself on its ability to handle most engine machining jobs, from the smallest to the largest, all done within a very fast turn around time.


We guarantee all our workmanship and provide written warranties on all fully reconditioned motors.


We also offer the ability to provide all forms of specialised performance machining to enhance your engine's capabilities - anything from that "little bit extra" to full competition specifications.


In order for the company to continually provide its customers with the highest standard of workmanship, we have endeavoured to ensure that the workshop contains only machining equipment of a type that will provide superior accuracy and finish to all jobs.



400 Chev - Before 400 Chev - After
400 Chev  



5 Litre Holden Stroke to 5.8 Litre
5 Litre Holden Stroke to 5.8 Litre




New to PLR (since 2013)..

Rottler F69A

Rottler F69A CNC Machining Centre

Now Performing at PLR


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